Worlds Ultimate Sniper Infantry

                    WUSI RULES and RANK GUIDE


Leader (WUSILeader.)

The WUSI rank of Leader can only be achieved through great loyalty to the clan. One must show that they are actively engaged in making the clans gaming experience a top priority. There may only be up to 3 leaders at one time.


To become a Leader of WUSI:

When a current WUSILeader is ready to step down, or retire, the 3 Leaders will offer the position to a candidate whom they unanimously agree upon as being worthy of the task.

 If the 3 Leaders have not come to a unanimous decision by the time a leadership seat has become vacant, then the open position will be filled by way of election.

Eligible candidates are members of the EsS.

Any EsS who wishes to become the next Leader may campaign for the position.

Every clan member ranked Sharpshooter (Ss) or above may vote for the EsS of their choice.

Note: If any of the Leaders are inactive for a period of 14 days, they are to be demoted back to the EsS rank and the election process goes into effect.

            Activity consists of “All Three” of the following:

            - Time spent In-game on Star Wars Battlefront.

            - Posting on the Guestbook.

            - Taking part in EsS Council Forum discussions.


All promotions of rank will be unanimously agreed upon by the 3 Leaders. If any one of the 3 Leaders feels a promotion is unwarented, then that promotion is denied.

All demotions of rank will be unanimously agreed upon by the 3 Leaders. If any one of the 3 Leaders feels a demotion is unwarented, then that demotion is denied.

All new rules, and/or changes to existing rules will be unanimously agreed upon by the 3 Leaders. If any one of the 3 Leaders feels a new rule, and/or change to an existing rule is unwarranted, then that new rule, and/or change is denied.

With the rank of leader comes great responsibility to the clan. Leaders must strive to inspire new recruits as well as existing members to be loyal to WUSI. They must strive to keep the clan as organized as possible, and above all else, Leaders must give their best effort in making this clan a fun, friendly, and positive place to be.


This rank can recruit new members.

This rank can set up Wars with other clans.

This rank has access to the Council Forum.

This rank has access to the Leaders Forum. 



Elite Squadron Sniper (WUSI.EsS.)

The Elite Squadron Sniper is a team member who has shown them self to be a loyal, dedicated, positive influence in the clan. This player is a role model for the newer members and as such is held to a higher standard than other ranks.

All EsS have access to the EsS Council Forum. In the Council Forum, EsS members have direct, and semi private access to the 3 Leaders. The collective insight of all the council members will help the 3 Leaders make the most informed decisions possible. Members of the EsS are all potential Leadership candidates so it is imperative that council members participate in forum discussions.


The EsS Code of Conduct:


Language: An EsS must Never speak to another Wusi member with disrespect. Never use cuss words in-game or on the Guestbook. Never display needles cruelty to those outside our clan as they might be potential recruits one day.

Actions: An EsS must try to engage newer members and be a positive influence within the clan. They should be helping newer members feel at home.

Activity: An EsS should be in-game, on the Guestbook, and on the Council Forum as often as possible. The EsS will be held to the same 14 day inactivity policy that leaders are held to. Should an EsS fail to be on all three (in-game, guestbook, Council Forum) in the two week period, they will be demoted down to the rank of Recon Scout (Rs). No unanimous decision from the Leadership is required. Once demoted, the player may not be promoted again for the next 30 days.


This rank can recruit new members.

This rank can set up Wars with other clans.

This rank has access to the Council Forum.



Diplomat (Wusi.Dplt.)

A Diplomat in WUSI must be willing to put in some extra time chatting with members from other clans in an effort to set up wars and battles... The diplomat does not need to be the most skilled in the clan, but they must be good enough to represent the clan. 

The Diplomats will administrate the WUSI Diplomacy website. This is an important part of the job for this rank. Administrating the Diplomacy website will be good practice for the player that holds this rank because Wusi has a number of different sites that make up our clan. Part of this rank is a proving ground for a player’s ability to run a Wusi Website.


This rank can recruit new members.

This rank can set up Wars with other clans.



Recon Scout (Wusi.Rs.)

Recon Scouts must be extremely dedicated and loyal members to WUSI at all times.

Recon Scouts are very valuable assets to WUSI.  Recon Scouts must play very good in close combat.  This includes but is not limited to: grenades, mines, evading attacks, good accuracy, and the ability to escape in desperation. The Rs rank is the main body of strength in Wusi. There is no limit to the number of players that can be at this rank so it should be the largest pool of players. This is the highest rank achievable for many players in that only a select few will make it past this level. Be proud to be an Recon Scout, in many ways this will be the most fun rank in the clan. 


This rank can recruit new members.



Sharpshooter (Wusi.Ss.)

The Sharpshooters of the clan are some of the best and should always be fighting for recognition.

They are more deadly than Marksman. Sharpshooters should learn to train themselves to become better every day. They could do this on their own, or they could ask higher ranked members for advice and training. 

The best way for sharpshooters to earn promotions is skill and loyalty. The better you improve and the more time you spend in WUSI will ultimately affect your promotion. The sharpshooters have the job of upholding the name of WUSI at all times.



Marksman (Wusi.Mm.)

This rank is the entry level rank for ALL MEMBERS, no exceptions, and is also a skilled rank.

These members are awaiting further evaluation and training before promotion. They will be told what their duties are for WUSI and know what they must be capable of. The Marksman of WUSI are all very good at sniping or at another unit where the recruiter couldn't pass up such talent.  They know the way's of the game and should always outplay their opposing enemies.  The Marksman should always wear their Wusi tag and dedicate themselves greatly just like the rest of the clan. Marksman should also always carry great attitude and always accepting training when given.




This document is subject to change. Please review the rules/rank guide from time to time and stay current on any updates, additions, and revisions.


Thank you.