Worlds Ultimate Sniper Infantry

 - Preamble - Wusi clan from the beginning all the way to currant times has always strived to be the most skilled clan in any game which weve played. But this is not all Wusi has done. The clan has always gone out of its way to be fair and honest to others whom they meet. Wusi today is known as one of the most effectivly organized clans in any games of which it plays. many things have contibuted to the honor for which wusi strives. many of the ideas and attributes listed above and below have been built into what is now known as the Wusi Constitution. The constitution of wusi pulls ideas and morals from many of wusi's previous leaders who have all in one way or another shaped the way Wusi is currantly organized, but they also have shaped the morals by which Wusi clan abides. In the orgazational, moral, and misc. rules below hopefully u will be able to recognize how Wusi clan is to be run. and with what valor and loyalty the clan members should overcome obstacles with. These Articles were written and organized by WUSIleaderRich in Jan, of 2009.

 ----Article 1----

   Clan Ranks    


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     Section 1:

 - Individual leader -


  •                 Becoming a leader For a member of the EsS to become a leader of WUSI, he or she must first be a member of the Elite Squadron Snipers or (EsS). Once a WUSI member has been accepted into the EsS Council, that member must serve no less then one (1) full term as a Council member before being eligible for a nomination, or a default appointment to any Leadership position. A full EsS Council term is equal to that of a Leadership term, a period of no less than four (4) months. In order for you to be called into the position of WUSI leader, you must be first nominated to run for leader by another EsS. Once you are nominated to run for leader, the entire clan will then enter into a vote to decide those who will become the next leaders. The voting procedure will be further explained in voting process section. Once you have been voted into 1 of 3 leader seats. You will then have responsibility to perform the necessary duties of a WUSI leader, a term of 4 months. If a leader finds that he does not wish to bare the burdens of leading he may resign at any time back to the EsS. The EsS council may then vote upon another to take his or her place. The replacement leader will finish what is left of the 4 month term.
  •                  Duties of a leader - Leaders of WUSI often have the most demanding job of any other rank in the entire clan. This is because leaders hold  all the rights and duties of the clan which are.
  •                 Access to website password, as well as EsS council Forum
  •                     Tournament and Clan War Arranging as well as allies and enemies setting
  •                      Friendship of all members
  •                     Clan law making with EsS council
  •                      Peacekeeping within the clan
  •                      Membership Recruiting 
  •                      Power to promote Mm and Ss
  •                      Power to Demote Ss and Rs
  •                      Power to vote in the EsS Council and 3 man leadership
  •                      Power to give orders to all Members except EsS, and Leader
  •                      Power to remove from active members list Mm’s Ss’s and Rs’s
  •                      Upon return from retirement may regain rank of EsS, if Room is available in the EsS council.
  •                      Power to call meetings for leadership and EsS council.
  •                      Power to call meeting for entire clan
  •                      Training and teaching of techniques to all members
  •                      Power to Retire from leadership at anytime
  •                      Responsible for tallying votes for Rs’s running for EsS seat, and Rs’s running for diplomat.
  •                      Website Administration and Maintenance


    •               Prohibited functions of leader - In some cases a leader may become confused as to what powers he may or may not have, and so here are listed some of the things a leader may not do.


    •     A leader may not remove website or change website address without approval from EsS council
    •     A leader may not cancel out Diplomat actions without approval from all 3 leaders
    •     A leader may not demote another leader, diplomat or EsS member without a vote from EsS Council
    •     A leader may not come back from retirement as a EsS if no room is available in EsS council seats.
    •     A leader may not instate new WUSI law without approval of EsS council
    •     A leader may not give the website password to anyone but leaders and the Senior EsS council member
    •     Leaders may not promote Diplomat or any other ranks to the EsS council
    •     Leaders may not promote Rs to diplomat without all 3 leaders approval
    •     Leaders must return to EsS council for revote for new leadership after the 4 month term has ended.

    •           Summary of individual leader - As it might appear being a leader is not the easiest job in the clan, but many times it is the most rewarding because it allows u to serve your clan mates in the greatest capacity available. Many times the leader is looked at as the front man of the clan and provides wisdom and succor to the other members of the clan. To be a quality leader isn’t easy, but it is possible if one will remember to fulfill his responsibilities to the clan, in all there many forms.


     - Leadership Council of 3 -



    •           The 3 man Leadership - The 3 man leadership is made up of 3 members of the EsS who were voted into position and now are the 3 leaders of the leadership.  A single leader has rights and power listed section 1: under heading (Duties of a leader). But if all 3 leaders unify there power they can vote upon items such as overthrowing diplomats war arranging, and quickly moving Rs into diplomat position. The leaders must have 3 of 3 leaders vote positive to make these actions apply.
    •           Weekly Meetings The 3 man leadership is required to meet at least once a week with each other to assess the status and state of the clan. It is up to the senior member of the leadership to serve as the speaker or conductor of each meeting so that the meetings are done in order. The senior member is recognized by how many votes they received in the election.  


         Section 2:

     Individual Elite Squadron Sniper -


    •         Becoming an EsS For a member of WUSI to become an EsS. He or She must first Be an Rs, and also have had to have been in a diplomat seat for at least one full term of 2 months. Also at least one member of the EsS (which can include leader since they are also part of the EsS) must give the person in question an EsS skill test. They must score at least 45 out of 50 to pass the skill test. After these requirements are met they are eligible to be voted on for the Rank of EsS. A vote for a new member of the EsS will only be relevant if there is an open seat in the council. The EsS only has 15 seats available including those of the leaders. When a seat becomes available. The Rs that are eligible to become an EsS will be voted upon by diplomats, Rs, and Ss ranks. Leader, EsS, and Mm will not be allowed to vote on the eligible Rs members. The voting procedure for this will be further explained in the voting process section. Once a Rs receives more votes than any other Rs. That RsWill become the newest member of the EsS council.


    •        Duties of EsS Members of the EsS have many of the same rights and duties of the leaders of the clan when they vote as a body or council. But as individual members of the EsS there rights and responsibilities are as follows.


    •                   Membership Recruiting
    •                        Training and teaching of techniques to all members
    •                        Upon return from retirement may regain rank of EsS, if Room is available in the EsS council.
    •                        Friendship of all members
    •                        Peacekeeping within the clan
    •                        Power to vote in the EsS Council
    •                        Access to Council Forum and EsS council page
    •                        Clan law making with EsS council
    •                        Power to give orders to all Members except Diplomat, EsS, and Leader
    •                        Power to call meetings for EsS Council
    •                       (Senior EsS member increased duties, see rank seniority section)
    •                        Power to vote on nominated leaders during leader rotation 


    •        Prohibited functions of EsS Just in case an EsS thought he was a leader and didn’t win the vote. here’s a list of things that EsS can not do.


    •    A EsS may not demote a Leader, EsS, Diplomat, Rs, or Ss without a vote from EsS Council
    •    A EsS may not Promote to Leader, or promote, EsS, Diplomat, Rs, Ss or Mm, without a vote from the council.
    •    A EsS may not arrange or rearrange clan wars and tournaments without a vote from the EsS Council
    •    A EsS may not instate new WUSI law without vote of EsS council  
    •    A EsS may not give the EsS Forum password to anyone but leaders and members of the EsS council  


       EsS  council of 15 -  


    •           What is the council of 15 The 12 seats in the EsS and 3 seats in the leadership make up the 15 seats of the EsS Council. The council’s main goal is to vote on very important decisions for the clan which include new law making, nominating new leaders, website decisions, and improvements for the clan on all levels and categories. As a council they have power to vote on pretty much any little thing in WUSI. But most times they will leave day to day decisions up to the leadership. For a vote to pass in the Council it must be 2/3 ratio positive for the item in question. That would mean 10 of 15 EsS’s would be needed to make it pass.


    •             All issues that require a vote by the EsS Council will be voted upon by the EsS Council over a period of no less then seven (7) days. The vote will be started at an EsS Council Meeting and carried on throughout the following week on the EsS Council Forum. The vote will remain open until a full seven (7) days has passed and the final vote tally will be resolved at the closing of the EsS Council Meeting that directly follows the (7) day voting period from which the vote was opened. This allows each Council member the opportunity to cast their vote at either the opening or closing EsS Council Meeting, or to cast their vote on the Voting Forum at any time during the seven (7) day period. 


      •           Weekly Meetings -  The 15 man Council is required to meet at least once every other week with each other to assess the status and state of the clan and also to vote on new items that lay in wait for the next meeting. It is up to the senior member in one of the 12 EsS seats to serve as the speaker or conductor of each meeting  so that the meetings are done in order. The senior member is recognized by how long of term they have served in the clan. When a member joins the clan his term begins, when he retires from the clan the term ends. When he comes back a new term begins. And so the seniority in the clan is done by length of activeness. A Forum will be formed for all 15 EsS council  members to communicate and  meet in private so they can hold votes and other  matters of business. It will be known as the EsS Council Forum.

           Section  3:

       - Diplomats -


      •         Becoming a Diplomat In order for a member of WUSI to achieve the rank of Diplomat, he must First be the rank of Rs. After this is in place he can by a variety of ways be moved from Rs into the rank of diplomat the most common way is for the body of Rs’s to take a vote on who gets the chance to be a diplomat, since there can be only 3 diplomats at a time and the rank of Rs is unlimited there may be many who will seek the position of diplomat. So the first is the body of Rs vote Which takes place every 2 months as the diplomat leadership is replaced by the new people voted in. the second way is the 3 leaders can take a vote that must be 3/3 ratio to quickly move someone into the rank, and the last way to become Dpt is for the EsS council to take a vote. The term or seat length for Dpt Service is 2 months. After which u will be eligible for the EsS Skill Test.   
      •          Duties of Diplomat - Duties and rights of a Diplomat have a lot to do with preparing to become a leader and that is part of the reason 1 term of service in this rank is required before u can join the EsS Council. Duties of the Diplomat are as follows. 


      •                       Ability to arrange Clan wars and tournaments
      •                       Friendship of all members
      •                       Peacekeeping within the clan
      •                       Training and teaching of techniques to all members
      •                       Power to vote with Diplomat leadership 3/3 ratio vote on allies and enemies setting
      •                       Power to vote on nominated leaders during leader rotation
      •                       Power to vote on eligible Rs’s for open EsS seat


            Section 4:

        Recon Scouts -


      • Becoming a Recon Scout- to become a recon scout u must be at least the rank of Ss, once u are a sharpshooter u may at anytime receive the rank of Rs. From either a leader or a vote by the EsS council. The best way to get noticed by a leader or the council is by improving your skill on game, and also your management skills off. Once this has happened u will become part of the the Rs body or group. This group is unlimited in seats and can have as many Rs’s as are worthy for the rank. 
      • Rs Duties - Rs duties are not many but are still very important to the success of the clan. Rs’s are the backbone of our fighting force in wars. They must learn to become skilled and more reliable members for the clan than ever before. There duties are listed below.


      •                       Attendance to clan servers often
      •                       Attendance to Clan wars and Tourneys often
      •                       Power to vote for Diplomat Seats
      •                       Friendship of members
      •                       Peacekeeping within the clan
      •                       Training and teaching of techniques to all members
      •                       Work on getting voted in as a Dpt
      •                       Work on getting ready for EsS Skill Test
      •                        Power to vote for a nominated leader during leader rotation
      •                        Power to vote on eligible Rs’s for open EsS seat


           Section 5:

        Sharp Shooter’s -


      •          Becoming a Ss - To become an Ss u must first be a Mm, when u are a Marks Man u may at any time receive the rank of Sharpshooter from a leader or a vote by the EsS council. The best way to get noticed for promotion to Ss is. working hard with higher rank members to improve your skills, and also be active on the clan website.
      •          Duties of Ss - The sharp shooter doesn’t have a lot of power in the clan but the clan definitely would not be able to function nearly as well without his presence. The Ss is expected to show up to clan functions such as practice servers, clan training servers and even clan wars. The duties and powers are listed below.


      •                       Attend Clan practice and training servers often
      •                       Attend clan wars often
      •                       Friendship of all members
      •                       Peacekeeping within the clan
      •                       Work on promotion to Rs
      •                       Power to vote for a nominated leader during leader rotation
      •                       Power to vote on eligible Rs’s for open EsS seat 


    •      Section 6: 

        - Marks Man  

      •     Becoming a Marks Man of Clan WUSI - All new players recruited into Wusi must start at the rank of Marksman unless voted otherwise by the EsS council. To get recruited into WUSI one must either  meet a leader or members of the EsS ingame. So that they may put you threw the WUSI recruting procedure. You must pass the test with a score of 35 or higher to make it into Clan WUSI. Once u have fulfilled all the requirements of the tryout such as passing the test and then visiting the wusi website and signing our guestbook u will then be added to the list of active members as a Marks Man of WUSI.
      •     Duties of Marks Man - The Marks Man has a few simple duties most of which deal with just getting to know other members in the clan, and also an understanding of how the clan works, the marks mans duties are as follows.

      •                      Learn the rules and procedures of the clan and how it runs
      •                      Meet new people within the clan and make new friends
      •                      Show that u can be loyal to WUSI so u can get promoted to Ss 
      •                      Power to vote for a nominated leader during leader rotation 




















  •  --Clause 1: - Rank Organization table/Image -

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    - Clause Description - This attachment to Article 1 includes a pictorial break down of the the Rank system descibed in the Article 1. It is infact an Image Representation of the Rank structure of Article 1. And is placed as a clause to Article 1 because of its relation to it.


    ----Article 2----

    Clan Seniority

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    Seniority rule: 


    - Intro - In each group, section, or rank there is one member who is the senior member or who has been an active member of that group the longest. This member is always considered first for promotion. This law does not take into account skill level of a member, only the length of time of which he or she has been an active member.

    - Mm - For example the senior Mm of the marksman rank, is much more likely to receive a promotion to Ss then a newly introduced Mm. This obviously is because he has been an Mm, likely much longer then the new Mm. The senior Mm should strive to be a good example of his rank. And help to show the new Mm’s how the clan works.

    Ss - The Ss rank is the same way as the Mm as far as promotion goes. The Senior Ss is looked at for promotion because of his length of service to WUSI. And similar to the Mm the Senior member of the Ss rank should try to be an excellent example of what the rank stands for.

    Rs - The senior members of the Rs rank have slightly different responsibilities. They are not looked at first for promotion. This is because for promotion to either Diplomat or EsS, they must first be eligible and voted upon for these promotions. The senior most members of Rs are required to fill the Diplomat seats if ever any of the Dpt seats should be empty. One example is when there is a lack of Rs members running for diplomat. In which case, the senior members of the Rs will fill the remaining seats that haven’t been filled. Or fill all the seats due to no Rs's Intrested in running for the position of diplomat. Seniority has no bearing on the voting process for EsS Seat only an Eligible Rs can be run for the Seat.

    Dpt - In the diplomat rank, the senior member is not looked at for promotion until his term is finished and he returns back to the Rs group. He is responsible to serve as the speaker and conductor of diplomat meetings, and diplomat reports to leaders. He or she is also responsible for making sure the diplomat leadership meetings take place at least once a week.

    - EsS - In the EsS Council, the senior member is responsible for many things. This is because he (or she) is the longest active person in the clan. So many things are placed on his (or her) shoulders. As Senior member of the council the first responsibility is being the speaker of the council of 15, and conducting affairs in Council meetings. The senior member also bares the responsibility of making sure the Council of 15 meet at least once every 2 weeks. Another duty that must be fulfilled by the senior members of the EsS is filling in leadership positions if there is a lack of people wanting to run for leader. This includes the senior members filling in anywhere between 1 to 3 seats depending on how many leaders were nominated and voted upon or were not filled. Another duty of the senior member is to maintain the WUSI backup site. The backup site does not need to contain fancy pictures or decorations of any sort, But should be kept up to date on all statistical information. This includes info on members, laws and history of the clan. It can include information about the clan that would be hard to replace if it were ever lost. Only the Senior member of the EsS will hold the password to the backup site. And will only give it to the new senior EsS when retiring. Now the Final job of the Senior EsS is to take care of the clan during leader rotation. When the 4 month term of service ends for the leaders. 1week will be given for the new leaders to be nominated and voted in. During this one week time, the senior EsS will have the job of maintaining the site until the new leaders take power. The senior member will also have the job of tallying the votes on the vote page, as well as making sure the voting process abides the laws set forth in the WUSI constitution. He is one of 4 people that will hold the main site password. During leader rotation it is up to the senior EsS to make sure the new leaders voted in all have the site password and that. He is also responsible to make sure along with the new leaders that the password to the main site is changed once every 4 months. He is also in charge of administration for the EsS council Forum.

    - Leader - The senior member of the Leaders is not determined by length of activeness. Instead it is determined by the leader who received the greatest amount of votes. The Senior member of the leaders is responsible for overseeing and conducting leadership meetings and is also responsible for conducting and overseeing meetings for the entire clan. The senior leader is often the most popular member of the clan and should not abuse this popularity. But should honor it and show forth great courage in leading the clan. It is his sworn duty to make sure the laws of the clan are upheld to there highest standards.


    ----Article 3----

    Voting Process

    Leader Rotation Vote:

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    - Intro - This is the most important vote that takes place in wusi. This vote involves the entire clan of wusi from rank Mm all the way to EsS. Every 4 months there is a rotation of leadership in wusi. The reason this occurs is several reasons, but I will name just a few. One reason is because the leaders have a very involved job. for this reason the term is set at 4 months so not to overwhelm the leaders, with being in the hot seat for too long. Another reason which is almost taboo to talk about is the reason of limiting power. In WUSI’s past some leaders have gotten a little bit greedy to remain leader for as long as they could. One of the worst results of this is no fresh ideas or energy in the leadership. Explained below are step by step instruction on how this leadership rotation vote it to take place.

    Who can Run for Leader? - The first thing to consider for this vote is how does one Run for leader? Any member of the EsS Council can run for leader after one (1) term of service as a Council member is complete. Even EsS’s that have served as leaders before can run again. There is no limit to how many times an EsS can run for leader. Only members of the EsS council can run for leader.

    Nomination for Leader - Before the vote is brought before the whole clan, an EsS must receive a nomination to be considered for vote. The EsS running for leader only needs one nomination from any EsS to be considered nominated. An EsS may only nominate one other EsS, he may not nominate 2.  An EsS that has been nominated by another EsS may not have the power to nominate anyone else. This means if your running for leader and someone supports you, you do not have the power to support anyone else. With these currant rules it’s only possible out of 15 EsS’s that 7 EsS’s can be nominated for the main clan vote.

    WUSI clan Vote. - Once those who wish to run are nominated they will be put before the clan to be voted upon. Those running will be listed on the WUSI vote page. A tally of votes will also be kept on that page in relation to each candidate running. Each member of the clan including those running will be given one vote. Which they can use on any candidate they prefer to be leader. The ballet box for votes will be open for 1 week. After which the EsS with the most votes will become the senior leader. The EsS with the second most votes will become 2 leader. And the leader with the third most votes will become the 3 leader. If Ever a Tie occurs in the voting, the tie will be broken according to candidate seniority. For example if the 2 the top candidates both receive 20 votes. The candidate with more seniority will receive a bonus of 1 vote to break the tie. IF a group of candidates 3 or 4 all tie, then according to seniority the ties will be broken.

    Vote aftermath - For the next 4 months after the voting has ended they will serve as the leadership of WUSI. As soon as the 4 months are up, the process starts over again. It should be noted that the process for rotating the leaders, nomination, and voting included should take no more then 1 weeks time. If ever the EsS are unable or unwilling to run for leader. By default the 3 senior most members of the EsS council will assume the 3 positions of the leadership. Also with the changing of leadership every 4 months it should be noted that the password to the main website will be changed with the enrty of each new administration of leadership.

    EsS Council Seat Vote:


    Intro - This vote is arguably just as important as the leader vote. The reason being is because it determines who is in the EsS Council. Its an ability to vote by the lesser ranked members on who gets to be an EsS. It Enables them to have some say in who they think should be the next person to fill an empty seat. And gives more power to the main membership of WUSI to steer the course the clan will take.

    Who can Run For EsS? - The only rank eligible for EsS is Rs. Diplomat rank is not eligible because they are in a term of service in the diplomat rank. Not just any Rs can run for an empty EsS seat. Some of the requirements to run include. Having served at least one full term as a diplomat. Another is having passed the EsS skill test with a score of 45 or higher. Once these requirments are fulfilled. The person is eligible to run for an EsS seat. Any Rs with these credentials fulfilled will be elligible to run for the EsS seat. All they must do to be added as a candidate, is tell the senior EsS member they wish to run.

    The Vote - Once all candidates have been acknowledged the voting will begin. All diplomats Rs’s and Ss’s are allowed to vote once. The other ranks such as leader,EsS, and Mm will not be allowed to vote. The members allowed to vote will vote for who they would like to have fill the next EsS Council seat. This process will should take only 1 weeks time. From the time the seat was left vacant to the time the new EsS is voted in. If there is no eligible Rs’s at the time the EsS seat is vacant the seat will be left vacant until a eligible Rs becomes available to fill it. If there is any tie in the voting, the senior diplomat will called upon to end it by using a second vote. Any of the Leaders will be assigned to make sure the votes are tallied correctly, and will be responsible for updating the vote on the WUSI vote page.

    Vote aftermath - The eligible Rs that receives the most votes by the end of the 1 week will assume the rank of EsS Council member. And will be the newest member to the council. Another EsS Council vote will not be needed until another seat becomes vacant.

    Diplomat leadership vote:


    Intro - As stated in the Rank guide. The diplomat rank was put into place to help build leadership skills. In preparing wars, and learning to communicate with other clans and people. That is why it has been required of the Rs members to serve at least one 2 month term as a diplomat before they can be eligible for EsS. More compelling then the reason of building skills, might be the fact that diplomat rank can also be fun. In reguards to the fact that you receive more power to plan wars and set diplomancy for the entire clan of WUSI.

    Who can Run for Diplomat? - Any member at the rank of Rs can run for diplomat. Even Rs’s that have been diplomats at any point in the past can run for diplomat if they so choose. The Rs rank is unlimited in size therefore at any one time many Rs’s may want to run for diplomat. So the Rs will use the same nomination process as the leader vote.

    Nomination - Any Rs can be nominated all it takes is a support from any other Rs. Once again as with the leader nomination process. Once a Rs is nominated he may not nominate any other Rs. Once all the nominated Rs’s are acknowledged the voting will begin.

    The Vote - Any member of the Rs group may vote once. All other ranks and members of the clan may not participate in the vote. An Rs may vote for the person of his choice. The votes will be tallied and kept on the WUSI vote page. This process begins as soon as the 2 month term ends for diplomat service. The nomination and vote process should take no more then 1 weeks time.

    Vote Aftermath - The votes are tallied after one week. The person that received the most votes will become the senior diplomat. The person who received second most will become the 2 diplomat and the person who received the third most votes will become the 3 diplomat.


    Council Votes:


    Council of 15 - The council will vote often on new ideas for the clan including laws, site arrangement and membership issues. They are the driving force behind the steadiness of the clan. For a vote in the EsS Council to pass it must be 2/3 ratio. If the council seats are full that would mean 10 out of 15 EsS would have to vote in favor of the item in question. Any member of the clan may bring a concern or idea to the council to be voted upon. The council is free to vote upon any item they may desire they are also free to meet at anytime they desire. During meetings the Senior EsS will conduct and bring up items of business for open discussion.

    - All issues that require a vote by the EsS Council will be voted upon by the EsS Council over a period of no less then seven (7) days. The vote will be started at an EsS Council Meeting and carried on throughout the following week on the EsS Council Forum. The vote will remain open until a full seven (7) days has passed and the final vote tally will be resolved at the closing of the EsS Council Meeting that directly follows the (7) day voting period from which the vote was opened. This allows each Council member the opportunity to cast their vote at either the opening or closing EsS Council Meeting, or to cast their vote on the Voting Forum at any time during the seven (7) day period.

    - Note - During leader vote week the senior member of the EsS will oversee that the voting process is done      according to law, and will also be responsible for the correct tallying of votes.

    Note - leaders of the clan will oversee the voting and tallying of EsS Seat vote, and Diplomat votes.

    Note - To make sure we know everyone gets only one vote we will be using the WUSI xfire forum to gather the  votes as often as possible. If at anytime the forum is down for some reason we will resort to using the website guestbook. 



        ----Article 4----   

    Recruiting Process

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    Introduction: This new system of recruiting was introduced to the clan in march 2008 by way of WUSIleaderRich. The purpose for this new system was to standardize the way in which WUSI recruiters, recruit for the clan. It is also a system that can help pending recruits, better understand what is required of them to tryout for the clan. The new system is broken down into 3 parts that clan recruiters should use, to more effectively recruit, higher quality, consistant players. listed below will be the 3 step system, and a table of how it works.


    Part 1 - Qualifying

    Description: Part one of a successful tryout includes, the potential player passing the qualifying questions. Before the potential member is asked the qualifying questions, he or she most show some intrest in trying out for the clan. Once this intrest is in place the questions will begin. there will be asked 3 standard questions. Sometimes the potential members answers will be vague so follow up questions should be used if necessary. listed below are the 3 standard qualifyer questions as well as some examples of vague answers with follow up questions.

    Question - 1.  What clan or clan's are you currantly in?

    Question - 2.  What clan or clan's have u been involved with in the past?

    Question - 3.  What is your reason or reason's for trying out for Wusi clan?

    Follow up question Example:

    Leader. - "ok what clans are u currantly in?"

    Recruit "im only in one clan"

    Leader "ok which clan is that?"

    Recruit - "I was in DL, but i think it died."

    Leader. " ok what clans have u been involved with in the past".

    Description: After the 3 questions have been answered, The leader must then put a =PASS= or =FAIL= on all 3 questions. for the recruit to qualify to tryout he must pass all 3 questions. Once he Qualifies he will then begin the tryout portion also known as part 2.

    Part 2 - Skills Test

    Description: Each new recruit after he qualifies will be subjected to a skills test. the skill test will grade the potential recruit in 5 different areas. these 5 different categories are listed below.

    • Kill and death count
    • Accuracy
    • Attitude
    • Expierience
    • Weapon Knowledge

    Descroption: Each category will be described below to better understand what each means in relation to the game.

    • Kill and death count: This is the simplest category to grade out of the 5. All the recruiter must do to grade this area is look at the kill and death ratio of the player. for example if the player gets 20 kills and 10 deaths ageinst a Wusileader that is a good ratio. If he gets 1 kill and 10 deaths that is a bad ratio. The Recruter will be left to his own impressions and grade the player in this area with a grade from 1 to 10 points possible.
    • Accuracy: In this category the Recruiter will be watching the accuracy of the potential recruit. This means that the Recruiter will keep note of what manner or what type of kills the new recruit is able to get. for example if the recruit misses the majority of his shots or if he goes through tons of ammo, to get his kills. then his accuracy is probley not as high as it could be. On the other hand if the new recruit is able to focus his shots towards the head more often then not. or if he is able to get hits on recruiters without using extensive amounts of ammunition. then his accuracy is above average. the recruter must agein judge this category from 1 to 10 points possible.
    • Attitude: This category is not always so easy to judge. but there are some primary things that a new recruit should show forth in his attitude. One of the most important is an attitude of learning. wusi is not intrested in players that dont wish to learn. We strive to find people with an open mind that can accept advice from those who can help improve them. another important thing to watch for is an attitude of excitement. this means they should be excited to tryout and even join wusi. the recruter must agein judge this category from 1 to 10 points possible.
    • Expierience: This category refers to over all game knowledge, including knowledge of maps, glitches, ammo and heatlh droids, Unit knowledge from every faction. And other small tidbits that expierienced players have knowledge of. Recruiters will be watching the new recruits to see how much they understand about the game.  the recruter must agein judge this category from 1 to 10 points possible.
    • Weapon Knowledge: This category deals with unit weapons of all sorts, such as rifles, pistols, grendaes, recons droids, bombs, morters, Bowcasters, and all manner of weapons. the recruter will grade the new recrute on his ability to use these different weapons.  The recruter must agein judge this category from 1 to 10 points possible.

    Description: Now that the recruter knows how to grade during a tryout. The new recruit must also be given instructions on what he is to do before the skills test begins. The new recruit will be told after he qualifies that he is now ready to start the skills test. He will then be told that all he must do during the skills test is fight the available enemy's on the map. He will also be told that he will need to do the best he can with what ever unit and weapon he is best with. Once he knows this the recruiter will tell the new recruit that he will be grading him while he plays. the recruter should also mention that the skill test will last for 15 minutes. And last the recruter will tell the new recrute he must score 35 out of 50 or better to pass. After the test is done the recruter will reveal the score that the potential recruit got and also reveal wheather it was a=PASS= or =FAIL=. Listed below is an example of a skills test score sheet.


    Skill Test (Name) - Jeff Points Pos.
     Kill and death count: 5 10
     Accuracy: 8 10
     Attitude: 10  10
     Expierience: 9 10
     Weapon Knowledge: 7 10
     Point total 39 50


    This recruit is a =PASS=

    Part 3 - Information sharing

    Description: This is the last part of succesfully recruting a member. After the new member passes the skills test. he will be asked weather he would like to continue and join WUSI. Once he states that his position is to join WUSI. The recruter will then give the new recruit 2 important pieces of imfromation. first the recruter will give the new recruit the clan website. The recruter must make sure the new recruit has time to write down the website. After the website is given the recruter will explain to the new recruit that he must sign the guestbook And leave a message of who recruted him and at what rank. This will ensure that the new recruit offcially, becomes a member, and is added to the active members list. The last piece of info to give the new recruit is his proper name and rank. as a note to recruiters the majority of new recruits will start at the rank of Marksman. however there can be some exceptions if the leadership so decides that there is a player worthy of being recruted to a higher rank.










    ----Article 5----


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    Creation of New Laws:

    Intro - When there is a need for change in operation of the clan or a need of improving a certain rule, law or way the clan needs to function. This concern, suggestion, or new law will be presented before the EsS Council of 15. where it will then go through a process of becoming either a new Amendment to the constitution, or an archived law that will not be used but will be kept for future reference. It should be noted that any member of WUSI has the right to submit an amendment to the Council of 15 under the following conditions.

    1st Process - for a new amendment to be brought before the EsS Council it must first be written out on some sort of document. The document does not need to be lengthy, but should clearly state the basic principals of the statement.

    2nd Process - The new amendment must have more then just the creator to support it. Currantly the law states that only one other memebr of the clan need support the new amendment for a total of 2 people.

    3rd Process - Once these basic requirements are met, the new amendment will be submitted to any of the elected leaders or/and can be submitted to the Senior EsS. Once it is in there hands they will wait until an EsS Council meeting takes place. During the meeting they will review the validity of the Amendment, and will then take a vote on it. Currant law states that 2/3 of the Council members must be in favor of the new law or amendment to pass.

    - 4th Process - 1 of 2 things happens at this point. 1 the new amendment is declined and is then added to the archived area of clan documents. Or 2 the new amendment passes and is then set into the WUSI constitution. When a new Amendment is created it will contain all text essential to the basic principals of the document. It will also be listed numbered and dated according to the date it was passed into law, New Amendments will be placed under Article 5 in correct order and numbered accordingly. The creator of the new law should also be acknowledged.

    Revocation of old laws:

      - In much the same way new laws are created. They can also be revoked. Although not just any member of the clan can submit complaints of revoking a law. Only the EsS council can revoke old laws that they deem to be outdated or in need of change. Any EsS may bring up this subject of revocation of a particular law in EsS council meeting but must have a second person nominate the complaint to have it voted upon. The 2/3 approval rating of the Council still stand the same for revocation. If a law is succesfully removed from the constitution it will be added to the archived clan documents for future reference.


    -Amendment 1-

    -Leader Term Restriction-

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    Amendment creator: WUSIleaderShane

    Amendment date: July,23,09

    - Instatement / Reinstatement -

    - Brief Explanation about how the leader instatement/reinstatement process works: As before if a leader retires, a new leader was needed to complete the leadership council. The EsS would nominate and vote, and at the end of the week the new leader was announced. Now the problem with this is that there is no set limit on how long a person could stay in the leadership council. As we have seen not many people can take the stress of being leader forever. so this new idea will fix that bug.

    - Does this new Law of Term Restriction change other laws - It Works the same old way as before. If a leader Retired, The EsS Council will nominate from amoung them up to 7 others as Leader Candidates. And as before at the end of Vote week the winners of the vote or new leaders would be announced. But instead of being able to stay in as many time as he gets voted in, he would be restricted into terms( 1 term = 4 months). He can serve up to 3 terms. After his 3rd term in a row is complete. He may not be agein nominated for leader candidate for 2 terms in a row. This Problem will assist in helping to keep strong leader moral, fresh ideas, and a strong spirit of WUSI will be kept in the leadership to make sure the clan stays strong and intact.

    - 1st Process - The EsS Council will nominate up to 7 EsS candidates for leader.

    - 2nd process - The EsS that have been nominated as candidates for leader will have there names posted on the WUSI Votes Page. After vote week takes place the newly elected leaders will be announced.

    - 3rd process - The system will cycle over agein each term until the person ends his 3rd term. After term 3 the EsS must wait 2 Terms in a row before being allowed to Run for leader agein.



    -Amendment 2-

    -Chain Of Command-

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    Amendment creator: WUSIleaderRich

    Amendment date: July,24,09

    - Fundamental Chain of Command Ideals -

    - The Basic Principals of a Command Chain - If we take a look at free democratic countries in the world. We should notice that these countries allow for the opinions and ideas of citazens to be heard, or in other words the voice and will of the people is heard. The people lead the direction the government goes. However we notice in the military arm of these countries that the military leads its troops from the top down, and gives directive and orders from the highest ranks to the lowest ranks. Infact this way of running things might be considered old fashioned by many, But  then Why does the modern military still use this system? They use it for one basic reason. To unify there purpose into a single direction. Why is it important to have a single plan or purpose? Because if there were many directions and they were not unified under one purpose it will result in a scattered or un-unified Outcome. To break it into simple terms take a basketball coach for  instance, he has 12 players on his team. If every player wanted to do there own plan then they would be ineffective at winning any games. however if they let the coach lead the direction the whole team should go. Then the team would be much more effective in the game under one unified gameplan.

    - How does this apply to WUSI - WUSI clan is also run very much like a democratic goevernment with all the basic rights of  representation and voting, too being able to have freedom to speak out when and where they may like. However when it comes to fighting in Wars or Tournaments we like a democratic government must switch from civilian laws to military chain of command laws. Where orders and plans are given from the top and Executed by the lowest ranking member to the exactness of the plan. This will be the system WUSI clan will use to fight in Wars, Battles, and Tournaments.

    - The Chain Of Command -

    - Chiefs of Staff - The Chiefs of staff are considered the communication experts between all parties, including Administrators of wars, Allies, Enemies and anyone else in connection with the war. And so they play this diplomatic role. However with this knowledge of diplomancy it also puts them into perfect position to plan out the procedure that should be taken in any given situation. Therefore the Chiefs of Staff will also be in control over Planning of Clan Strategy, Ally Strategy, and any other strategy possible. They will be incharge of analyzing Statistical information, possible outcomes, and every possible scenario imaginable. In summary they will have the job of figureing out just about everything. In WUSI the Cheifs of staff will be made up of The EsS Council of 15.

    - Battle Commander - The battle commander will be one person, who will be tasked with leading the directive of a particular plan that is assigned to him by the Chiefs of staff. He will be incharge of the logistics of carrying out the plan. This meaning that he will select, place, and train his squad leaders on the plan. He unlike the chiefs of staff will be a physical presence on the battlefield leading his squads, and men from the front. He will have limited contact with War Administrators since he will not need to discuss much with them excepting the date and time his troops need to show for battle. He will hardly ever a need to communicate with clan allies, since the Chiefs of staff are in charge of communication with allies. He should refrain from being tied up with allies, and always keep the focus on his own responsibilties to the plan, and his men.

    - Squad Leader - The squad leader comes next in line after the battle commander, and takes direct orders from the battle commander and no body else. The Squad leader is required to select his men in his squad with the battle commander so they can both decide upon which men are best for a particular task. The Squad leader will have responsibility to communicate with his chosen men. He will train, befriend, and lead them on the Squad assigned task. He is Prohinited from communication with Chiefs of Staffs, War Administrators, and Allies. He will recieve orders from one source only. That being the Battle Commander.

    - Squad Member - The Squad Member is the last in line, and is considered to be the front line man. He is not educated in the overall strategy or plan, and need not worry about it. Rather he is to focus on the Squad strategy only. This Will be taught to him by his Squad Leader. The Squad member Should get to know who othere members of the squad are, and should also try and befriend them. The Squad members main focus is to be part of the team in his squad and Function with the team according to plan. He takes Orders Directly From Squad Leader and no one else. He is prohibited to communicate with Chiefs of staff, Allies, War Administrators, and should not bother the Battle Commander unless his Squad leader is missing.



    -Clause 2: - Chain of Command Diagram -

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    - Clause Description - This attachment to Amendment 3 includes a pictorial break down of the the chain of command system descibed in the Amendment 3. It is infact an Image Representation of the command structure of Amendment 3. And is placed as a clause to Amendment 3 because of its relation to it.






      -Amendment 3-

                           -Temporary Diplomat-

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    Amendment Creator: WUSILeaderTurtle

    Amendment Date: May 29th, 2011

    -Fundamental Temporary Diplomat Ideals-

    - The Basic Principles of a temporary position – A temporary position in real life is often held when someone backs down from a position or when the person holding the position dies half way through his or her term ( for example, when a president dies mid way through his term his vice president temporarily takes over his office.) The temporary office holder is enabled to use all the same powers his or her predecessor had.

    - How does this apply to WUSI – Due to declining numbers of players in SWBF 1.2 there are quite often no new Rs nominated for the position of Dplt. Because no new diplomats are found, we have, in the past, defaulted to seniority, forcing players that are either inactive or unwilling to complete the tasks of the diplomat into office. This major problem has plagued the diplomacy of WUSI and has rendered the new diplomacy ineffective. In address to this problem WUSI will now employ the use of temporary position holders in the rank of Diplomat. This statement mean that WUSI will now allow members of the EsS council to volunteer for the temporary office of Diplomat without losing his or her seat in the council in order to aid in the betterment of WUSI Diplomacy in the event that not enough Rs are willing to hold office.

    - The WUSI Temporary Diplomat – The temporary Diplomat can only be placed in position if no other Rs are willing to serve as diplomat. Temporary Diplomats will be the least senior members of the diplomacy; if there are any Rs in the position of Diplomat he or she will be given senior Diplomat position over a temporary Diplomat. Temporary Diplomats volunteer to hold the position and rather than stripping them of their seat in the council they will remain a full time member of the council with all the same rights and responsibilities of an EsS while at the same time holding the extra powers and, therefore, responsibilities of diplomacy. This also means that temporary Diplomats are regulated by the same prohibited functions of an EsS as all other council members. Temporary Diplomats wear no additional tags to their WUSIEsS tag and should be listed as WUSIEsS under the list of diplomats on the Active member’s page as well as on the EsS Council list.

    - How to become a Temporary Diplomat – The position of Temporary Diplomat is obtained differently than other positions, such as the position of Leader or of normal Diplomat which require nominations and then a period of voting; the position of Temporary Diplomat is obtained through volunteer response by EsS council members. In the aftermath of WUSI diplomat nomination week, if any of the positions are not openly sought out or taken by Rs, an EsS may willingly ask the leadership council or the EsS council to hold the office of Diplomat until the next Diplomat term. In this way the position of diplomat will no longer be held by unwilling and inactive senior Rs; the position will be held by caring members of the council.




    -Amendment 4-


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    Amendment creator: WUSIleaderBirdosrus

    Amendment date: October,29,2015

    - Fundamental Recruitment Changes -

     - The Basic Principals of The New System-  Due to the lack of dedicated servers in EA's SWBF we cannot host recruitment servers, because of this this amendment will nullify the old ranking system to only Leaders, EsS council, and general WUSI members. With that being said a new rank of WUSI will be the entry level for any new recruits. EsS members will now be prioritized for what they can "bring to the table" due to how many EsS we have rejoining us. Example: WUSIEsS.RogueWarlord is Australian. He will be recruiting members to WUSI during his time zone people like WUSIEsS.EagleRas.

    - How does this apply to WUSI -  The ranks Dplt. Rs. Ss. Mm. are removed and WUSI. will be the new rank. During the interim period of time of the new SWBF being released till an X period of time Wild and Birdosrus will be the indefinite leaders until order is established, at which point leadership positions will be voted on and elected EsS will run. The EsS on the council in different time zones will be the respective areas "communication leader" and will bring up those members concerns, complaints, etc during EsS meetings.